Pure Perfection - Cle de Peau Beaute (CPB)

Apr 2, 2012
This is a prestigious brand of cosmetics under Shiseido. Strangely, Japanese brands like to use French names for their high-end range of products and Cle de Peau Beaute is no exception, meaning “Key to beautiful skin” in French.

No subjective reviews and fancy phrases this time, all I want to do is just to introduce this brand to those who really loves skincare products like me.

My father ever told me this: “For women, if you have 5 dollars left in your pocket, make sure you spend that on a facial cream or something that makes you look younger.”
Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? But I am sure I belong to that class of women. At least for me, my first priority has always been skincare products above apparels, bags and jewellery..

Many of my friends know that I have highly recommended JUJU cosmetics products before. For those who know me well, just like Winson, they know I will never stick to such a brand for long. Basically I do not shop for skincare products at pharmacies or stores like Sasa or Waston’s. For me to bump into JUJU is already a super rare and almost impossible case. I am open to all kinds of products, but mostly for testing purposes only.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to compare the brands here. But for less than S$100 to get a full range of basic skincare products from JUJU, the effects is really justifiable, but you can’t expect it to do miracles on your face. But for CPB, I assure you that we are talking about a totally different experience. It is not something that can show you immediate improvement on your skin overnight, but it promises a clean skin flowing with moisture that glows from within over time.

Here are the very basic and essential products that I am using now.
Cleanser: refreshing cleansing foam
Lotion: refreshing balancing lotion
Day moisturizer: refreshing protective emulsion
Night moisturizer: refreshing nourishing emulsion
Eye cream: intensive wrinkle correcting cream

Winson is still a loyal supporter of SK-II and he is not too interested in CPB. But he said if I know this is something for me, and will continue using for a long time, then just buy it. Although it is very expensive, it is still better than keep buying different brands, keeping them till expiry and ending up wasting a lot.

I know that CPB is being priced much cheaper in HongKong, Taiwan, China and Japan. I have colleagues all over these places who can easily get me a whole set at a discounted price of at least 15%. But, I will not be able to enjoy the fun of testing and picking the products I like, and carrying the bags of skincare products on the way home on the MRT train. That’s women!!

I am not fascinated by sales on cosmetics (we seldom have that anyway), though I wouldn’t mind buying items like dresses, shoes, accessories, or even eyeliners from internet, but for skincare, there’s no way that I'll settle for it. I must go through the process of researching (yes I do a lot of homework before buying), testing, comparing, then finally making payment. Winson bought this book named “Call of the Mall” and there is one part in this book I found very interesting. It says, “Women will shop for cosmetics just about anywhere. They will save money on stiletto heels, but cut-rate cosmetics feels like you are putting something ratty on your face…”. Wow that’s just so true. I think if one day Gripz were to give a 30% discount, I will buy at least 5 pairs of shoes at one go. But if CPB were to do the same, I might be found hiding at a dark corner, wondering, "why why why…"

Hmm, how I wish my sister, Kelly, could one day read this and agree with me on my fantasy over skincare products, and shop for cosmetics together, that would be fun!!!


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