Review: Massage creams

Apr 10, 2012
I am quite a big fan of massage cream, why? Because I seldom, or I should say never, go for facials at salons and the most essential product I need for a mini facial at home, is always massage cream.

I grabbed this BEAUTE DE KOSE ULTIMATION Massage Cream during KOSE warehouse sale last November for may be SGD40 bucks? The cream is thick but in very smooth and sleek texture, like soft yogurt. It smells good. And it's so easy to spread evenly around face and neck with just one application. I do not like massage cream that dries off after a while and requires you to keep on applying layer after layer. It's not oily and indeed a bit watery so it's very easy to massage with this cream. As for the effect, I can only say it's more like doing a mask, overall my face is brightened up and feels soft and smooth, just can't expect miracle overnight right?!

Rating: 7/10

CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Cream de Massage seems to be a product on my wish list forever. I've tried quite a number of products from this brand and I know how good their products are, but somehow, i just never considered buying the full sized massage cream until I tried 2-3 small samples given by their friendly beauty consultant. And there was once I went for their complimentary facial behind their counter, they used this massage cream on my face and gosh, I adore it so much!! So yes, I am definitely going to get this item soon!

The cream is a bit yellowish in color, very rich in texture and needs a little bit of efforts to apply. And it feels a bit dry when I first put it on but after a short 1-2 minutes it melts into my skin and becomes slightly watery, and covers my face nicely for a full massage. It has this expensive signature smell from this brand, well let's just say it smells heavenly!! As for the effect, I think it works better than BEAUTE DE KOSE ULTIMATION Massage Cream, you can definitely expect a clean skin flowing with moisture after a busy tiring day at work.

Rating: 8.5/10
In the past I used to follow whatever instruction given that comes together inside the product packaging, to do the massage, or try to imitate those beauty consultant's method. Until I finally came across this Japanese Beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka who introduced her famous Zogan face contouring massage techniques.

I only managed to find a simplified version of the video in Chinese, the model is doing her own massage so it's super easy for you to follow it.

So following this technique, I feel that I am able to better utilize massage creams and maximize the effect nowadays =)


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