My 10 years of SKII..

Apr 4, 2012
I remember vividly 10 years back, when I was having my school attachment and drawing a "pathetic" pay, or rather say allowance of 500SGD a month, I made a decision to visit one of the SKII counters near to the office building located at CBD area during my lunch hour. All I did was to test out their "miracle water" - Facial Treatment Essence on my left hand. I left the counter empty-handed because the trial experience left a small little red spot on my hand and made me believe I am allergic to their signature ingredient "Pitera".

But indeed there's another reason behind, well yes I was kind of scared away by their price tag, although it's not my first time getting expensive branded skin care products from departmental stores. Before this I was using a full range of whitening products from ELIZABETH ARDEN, which gave me amazing result (no one believes I actually had pretty yellowish and dull skin when i was much younger). You know it's a famous brand from Europe and it's not cheap at all, but still SKII sounds mysteriously "upmarket" and "classy" to me as it just entered Singapore market for not long.

Soon after that very first experience with SKII, I started spending most of my lunch break hours at their counter, figuring out what's the next item to try from their (back then) pretty limited range. There was no website being setup for Singapore market at that time and I had to visit their Taiwan website frequently for product information. Those attractive advertisement videos they published made me super addicted and decided to give this brand a second chance.

And now 10 years later, I have used almost their full range of products (if not all in full size, some are samples/free gifts from their lovely beauty advisers). I must say SKII is the most effective range of products I've ever experienced which makes my skin condition stable all year round.

Recently I just did a skin analysis at their counter. The last time I did it was really 10 years ago and the system has totally changed (to be more advanced of course). It gives you pretty in-depth information about your skin. And guess what, after being a loyal SKII fan of 10 years, my skin is in pretty good condition as I scored 5D (heard it's not often that people score 5D) and I am impressed with the result because it seems to be a true reflection of my skin condition, at least to my own knowledge considering I am so concerned about my skin and I believe I know my skin pretty well.

As expected, I need to start investing more on firming products as I scored lowest for that. And being in air-conditioned environment whole day makes my skin less moisture for sure so the texture refinement is not at ideal level yet. And below are the 5 Dimensions being tested for a crystal clear skin.

Texture Refinement - 78%
♥ Finer texture
♥ More moisture
♥ Less oiliness
♥ Less visible pores

Firmness Power - 75%
♥ More energized
♥ Firmer contour/curves
♥ More Lifting impression on eye & mouth corners
♥ Less visible nasolabial fold

Wrinkle Resilience - 93%
♥ Less fine lines
♥ Less dynamic lines with expression
♥ Less static lines/wrinkles
♥ Less connected lines

Spots Control - 83%
♥ Less brown spots
♥ Lighter brown patches
♥ Better tone evenness
♥ Reverse stubborn spots

Radiance Enhancement - 99%
♥ More translucency
♥ More radiance
♥ More glow from within
♥ Less yellowish & dullness

Do note that testing done at different area of your face will make slight difference. I've had my test done on my right cheek this time and I am sure I will be going back for the analysis again in 3-6 months time!


Lilian Hii said...

Amazing results!!!! I used SKII 2 mths ago. Initially the result slightly under the mid bar chart and showing 2 age younger. Then went back after 2 mths, last week, it shows above average and my darkspot (underneath epidermis) reduced and chart showed 70+% very impressive and also little improvement of the rest. I will do again in 3 mths times. So eager to see results. When u knw your skincare products actually works it actually pay off how expensive the products is and willing to pay more! ^.^

Mummy Chan said...

Congrats Lilian, glad that you've seen such great result in just 2 months!! Just a side note though, I see a vast difference in the results when I go for the skin analysis before and after my period, I am guessing it's due to hormone changes hence I try to fix a time of the month,say 10 days after my period to do it for more consistency.

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