Review: SHU UEMURA Skin Purifier

Apr 24, 2012
It took me a few years, before I finally decided to get this product while I was in a mood for "retail therapy" one day. Why not earlier? Okay the reason is simple, I am not a make up person who needs such expensive cleansing oil to remove makeup daily.

But I did tried quite a deluxe sized sample some time back, and was hooked to it immediately. The sample is in purple color bottle which is meant for whitening. This cleansing oil comes in different formulas to suit different skin type. It didn't take me too long to decide which type to get while I was at the counter, right after hearing the key word "Anti-aging" from the sales consultant. I tried to figure out how a cleansing oil (make up remover to be exact) could work on anti-aging then to found out that, this cleansing oil is "empowered with Green Tea and specially selected Gingko Leaf Extract contains flavonoids, recognized in Japan for strong anti-oxidant and micro circulation properties that help to promote transparency and radiance to fatigued skin."

It's pretty easy to use, just like any other cleansing oil. I usually remove my makeup on my eye area (if I do wear any) with normal make up remover, then use this cleansing oil to deep cleanse my entire face. Apply about 2 - 4 pumps on dry face, massage in circular motion and then wet hands and continue massaging (to emulsify the oil - meaning to mix oil with water and the oil will turn milky-ish). Then rinse it thoroughly with water again. I will then clean my face again using my normal cleanser. One thing to mention, I do feel that certain whiteheads around my nose area were "squeezed out" during massaging, which is a plus point for sure.

From my knowledge, the emulsification process is very important while using cleansing oil. If that's not done properly and the oil is not dissolved, it might leave your skin with oily residue that causes breakouts.

Let's talk about the result now. If you are a supporter of double cleansing, this is definitely a product for you. Look at the below pictures. After washing my face, I poured SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion on a cotton pad and wiped my whole face. You can see the difference as the cotton pad turned a bit yellowish in the top picture, because I did not use SHU UEMURA Skin Purifier before my cleanser. I can't describe much about how it feels while using this product, it's just like any other cleansing oil but just look at the result, I am sure you can tell how thorough this product can clean the skin.
I am sure I will repurchase this product but I'm definitely getting the whitening formula instead, as the scent is so much nicer and soothing. My hubby thought it's a giant bottle of hand soap at first due to the floral design on the bottle somehow, it supposed to be limited edition but I just don't know how to appreciate that, the original bottle looks much chic and gorgeous to me. And I have to remind him that the so-called "hand soap" cost me a freaking $155 bucks!!

Rating: 8/10
450ml / SGD$155


Apr 19, 2012
這是誰的理論?其實有沒有這樣的道理我並不知道。 不過我有個twin sister,幾乎從來不保養的。 我和她根本是兩個極端,我是那種沒有護膚品就不能生存的人,即使家裡的存貨多到可以用上三五年,還是兢兢業業做功課,不斷嘗試不同品牌的產品。 妹妹她確可以清水洗臉就出門,更加接受不了白天晚上一堆瓶瓶罐罐的塗在臉上。 她倒是比我有優勢,從小皮膚就比我的好,也可能因為這樣我才拼命想辦法補救。


如今轉眼間真的過了30歲。 前幾天閒來無事陪她去SKII counter做皮膚測試。 不是我心存僥倖,不過潛意識里真的覺得這么多年不同保養觀念,皮膚的健康程度總會有所差別把。 結果呢,真的是有差,不過是我的更差!!

Texture Refinement
姐姐78% < 妹妹 84%

Firmness Power - 75%
姐姐75% < 妹妹 78%

Wrinkle Resilience
姐姐93% < 妹妹 94%

Spots Control
姐姐83% < 妹妹 88%

Radiance Enhancement
姐姐99% > 妹妹 98%

暈,狂暈!! 我這十幾年的心血算是白費了?!!




Apr 13, 2012
Last May, I asked my sister to bring back a whole set for COSME DECORTE AQ basic skincare for me from HongKong, after reading a lot of nice reviews about their products. You know I am a SKII lover but after having baby and entering into early 30's, I feel that my skin is really aging faster than ever, hence I started to target at high end anti-aging products.

The AQ range under COSME DECORTE is very expensive, especially in Singapore which costs around SGD$600+ for a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. So I asked my sister to get the same set for me in HongKong for less than SGD$400. Unfortunately, all my products were dumped into dustbin at the custom as my poor sister put them into hand-carry luggage and totally forgot about the rule on cosmetics products since she didn't have any check-in luggage for her short trip.

Fortunately, she managed to bring back the free gift with purchase for me since they are of much smaller size, and I got to try out the other range under COSME DECORTE, the AQMW(Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder) range!! It turned out to be a "beautiful mistake" as I have the chance to test out this newer range which seems to suit my skin even better than the AQ range I intended to use initially.

The travel sized samples lasted me for a good 20-30 days and I decided to get full sized ones in Singapore right after that. AQMW range has adopted a stylish package design which my husband is totally impressed with. I personally is more impressed with the content inside these beautiful bottles. This prestige line is selling at slightly more affordable price to target a younger generation, and the overall texture is way lighter than their AQ range which is being slowly phased out in Asia market.

I did not get the cleanser from AQMW range as it comes in a soap bar, which I always find a bit unhygienic and difficult to take care, since all my cleansers are usually stored in the bathroom. So I got the Gentle Pure Washing Foam under AQ range instead and it is now my No#1 favorite cleanser.
As for the toner and moisturizer, here's the interesting part. COSME DECORTE is one of the Japanese brands I know of, that has this regime of cleansing face, using cotton pad to apply lotion first then toner. (Another famous brand is of course ALIBON). If you think the moisturizer is like a softener that penetrates into skin first, then you won't find it odd to use it before the toner.

Rating: 8.5/10
It's light in texture and has this wonderful smell with the sandalwood extract added (meant to minimize the stress of daylight on skin). I use normal cotton pad to massage it onto my skin, and lightly dab my skin with hands for better absorption. My skin becomes so soft and supple immediately after applying this emulsion.

Rating: 8.5/10
It has the same sandalwood smell (just not as strong), and I use another piece of cotton pad to apply it right after the Repair Emulsion.

Overall this range is very moisturizing. I just need to apply a sunblock after these 2 products and my skin feels hydrated the whole day. And what I love most is the idea of using moisturizer (they call it emulsion but it's more like a softener to me) before the toner, that makes me feel that every layer of my skin care products applied later on, gets penetrated into my skin more effectively!

They are not whitening products but after a few months of usage, I feel that my skin looks brighter and glowing than before. As for the anti-aging effect, it doesn't work over night like miracle but it does have certain firming effect which takes time to show though.

Review: No#1 most effective skincare product

Apr 11, 2012
If you have been following my blog posts, by now you should have figured that most of my skin care products are from Japan. Well basically I've tried different brands from different countries and found Japanese brands work the best on Asian skin. But, so far my No#1 must have Holy Grail item, is from Switzerland, Europe!!!

Valmont Renewing Pack - the only product I tried from this brand and here's a brief introduction on website:
"Rebalancing treatment mask which gives skin an instant beauty boost. Responding to the essential needs of the skin (hydration, oxygenation, nutrition, repair, etc.) and in addition offering a range of solutions adapted to the most delicate areas, such as the area around the eyes, the throat and décolleté, and even the lips and lip contour."
If you are like me, who stays in full blast air-conditioned environment, looks at computer monitor screen for the full day at work, needs to attend to kids at home and does not get enough beauty sleep all the time; but sometimes still needs to look perfect on special occasions like a dinner event or morning meeting with important client, then this product is definitely a "pick me up" mask you must have for your tired skin!!

It could be used daily in the morning, apply a thin layer on whole face, massage and leave it on for about 3 minutes, then wipe off the reminder with cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water or toner. Or it could be used as a mask twice a week, apply a much thicker layer, massage and leave on for 15 minutes or just sleep with it on overnight.

The packaging is so simple that I am sure it's the last item I would give a second look at in my beauty junkie life.. Luckily I do a lot of research before buying a product, or else if I "judge a book by its cover", I would never consider this brand. The texture is creamy but not oily or heavy, and a tiny bit can spread evenly on the whole face so although it's just a 50ml jar, i am sure it could last for a long time. At first there's a slight tingling sensation but after a short while it's gone completely. I usually do very simple massage and just wipe off the reminder if I use it as a mask at night, then I will go to bed with it on. The next morning, I can see immediate result as in my skin is more hydrated, radiant, smooth and firm, and most importantly, less tired!! You will never understand how much I hate it when those not so closed colleagues comment "You look so tired, are you okay?"....

Anyway I do not own a high end camera and I am not good at taking nice pictures. This is what I've taken with my Sony Ericsson Xperia front camera (bad resolution of course), but I find the before/after result pretty obvious (to me at least!).
The only reason I am not giving it a 10/10, is because I am not sure if this product works to improve my skin in the long term, or it's really a "secret weapon" for emergency usage.

Rating: 9.5/10
50ml / SGD$230+ from as this brand is not sold in Singapore

Review: Massage creams

Apr 10, 2012
I am quite a big fan of massage cream, why? Because I seldom, or I should say never, go for facials at salons and the most essential product I need for a mini facial at home, is always massage cream.

I grabbed this BEAUTE DE KOSE ULTIMATION Massage Cream during KOSE warehouse sale last November for may be SGD40 bucks? The cream is thick but in very smooth and sleek texture, like soft yogurt. It smells good. And it's so easy to spread evenly around face and neck with just one application. I do not like massage cream that dries off after a while and requires you to keep on applying layer after layer. It's not oily and indeed a bit watery so it's very easy to massage with this cream. As for the effect, I can only say it's more like doing a mask, overall my face is brightened up and feels soft and smooth, just can't expect miracle overnight right?!

Rating: 7/10

CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Cream de Massage seems to be a product on my wish list forever. I've tried quite a number of products from this brand and I know how good their products are, but somehow, i just never considered buying the full sized massage cream until I tried 2-3 small samples given by their friendly beauty consultant. And there was once I went for their complimentary facial behind their counter, they used this massage cream on my face and gosh, I adore it so much!! So yes, I am definitely going to get this item soon!

The cream is a bit yellowish in color, very rich in texture and needs a little bit of efforts to apply. And it feels a bit dry when I first put it on but after a short 1-2 minutes it melts into my skin and becomes slightly watery, and covers my face nicely for a full massage. It has this expensive signature smell from this brand, well let's just say it smells heavenly!! As for the effect, I think it works better than BEAUTE DE KOSE ULTIMATION Massage Cream, you can definitely expect a clean skin flowing with moisture after a busy tiring day at work.

Rating: 8.5/10
In the past I used to follow whatever instruction given that comes together inside the product packaging, to do the massage, or try to imitate those beauty consultant's method. Until I finally came across this Japanese Beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka who introduced her famous Zogan face contouring massage techniques.

I only managed to find a simplified version of the video in Chinese, the model is doing her own massage so it's super easy for you to follow it.

So following this technique, I feel that I am able to better utilize massage creams and maximize the effect nowadays =)

Review: Glow from within - Collagen drinks

Apr 5, 2012
Most of us ladies know that Collagen is a common substance in the body and vital for the youthfulness of our skin. But how well will collagen drinks work to make us look younger? I really do not know.

I decided to give Collagen drink a try some where last year because my skin was in super bad condition, oily, dehydrated, dull, uneven tone, big pores, etc.. I wasn't sure about the cause but it could be due to some detoxifying supplements I was taking at that time, which was flushing out the toxins in my body and somehow reflected on my skin.

I've done a little bit of research but honestly speaking, there's nothing much I could find online which tells me exactly which brand is more effective. So I bought these 2 popular brands: FANCL Tense Up Ex and DHC Collagen.I was expecting to see better result from FANCL since it's so popular and I know a lot of Singaporean girls purposely fly to Japan to stock up on this product. But somehow I feel nothing, really nothing at all after consuming 2 boxes.

On the other hand, DHC is really showing promising result. The sales person told me most people will get to see the result only after about 15-30 days unless you are someone who's very sensitive and always notice even slight changes about your skin. Well I happen to be that lucky someone. So after taking only 2 bottles, I could tell for sure it's working on my skin!! It plumps up my pores and I can see some of the "teardrop shaped" pores become "round shaped". What does that mean? Okay some Taiwanese skincare experts categorizes pores into 3 major types.
Round Shaped - Too much excess oil on skin
Oval Shaped - Dehydrated skin
Teardrop Shaped - Saggy, skin lack of elasticity

Besides obvious effects on my pores, I could also notice visible improvement on my fine lines under my eyes, overall my skin brightens up and make up lasts longer.

Taste wise both are too sweet for my liking but I prefer DHC's white grape flavor, and it's better to have it chilled before drinking so the taste is more acceptable. I am sure it's quite heaty though as my whole body feels warmer immediately after drinking and the next morning, I get slight sore throat and needs a lot of water.

Advice given from sales person is to drink continuously for 30 days (3 boxes), and then once every 2-3 days. So after 1st month consumption, it's about 1 box per month which costs around SGD50 and that sounds very reasonable to me as the effect is faster than skincare products applied on the face. Hence I am definitely going to invest on a long-term basis!!

FANCL Tense Up Ex
Rating: not going to rate this as I do not recommend it
Collagen Content: 2600mg / about SGD$55 per box during promotion

DHC Collagen
Rating: 9/10
Collagen Content: 7000mg / about SGD$45 per box during promotion

Review: TOP 3 Cleansers

Apr 4, 2012
I never believe that investing on a cleanser of topnotch quality is necessary, because I used to think lotion, cream, serum give our skin the nourishment we need so it makes more sense to spend on those items, whereas cleanser is just for a basic purpose of removing oil and dirt on our skin. But after so many years of experiment, these products have definitely proved me wrong!

To tell whether a cleanser is good, there are 2 key things to look for in my opinion. One is when you add some water to your cleanser and rub it, whether the lather created is foamy enough as the thicker the lather is, the easier it will "sink" into your pores and clear away dirt and excess oil efficiently. And the second thing is after cleansing, whether it leaves a dry and tight feeling on your skin. Because some cleansers might be too strong that basically deep cleanses and washes away the healthy sebum that coats and protects your skin. And based on these 2 points, I've rated these 3 products to be my favorite!!

TOP No#. 3 - SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser
I can't recall how many of these I've finished up to date, at least 5 tubes I guess. I was first attracted by the advertisement slogan "連洗臉都在保養呢!!". I couldn't really imagine how to "nourish the skin" while "washing the face". So I decided to give this product a try and boy, I thought I would never need another facial cleanser after using it year after year!

It has the usual "Pitera" smell especially if you leave it exposed to wet/humid environment like the bathroom. Most SKII fans won't mind about such smell since it's their key ingredient in most of their star products. The texture is a bit on the slippery side as if there's silicon in it. The lather is rather loose and thin so I don't think it works on T-zone very effectively as I have pretty oily T-zone with a bit rough skin texture due to white heads. And after cleansing, my skin feels a little bit dry but 5-10 years back I am sure this was the best cleanser I've ever tried, and, it's definitely a great cleanser to have for those with sensitive skin!

Rating: 8/10
120g / No idea about the price now as I stopped buying it for quite some time

TOP No#. 2 - CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE Refreshing Cleansing Foam
I stopped stocking up on SKII Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser after trying out this cleanser. And CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE is the most atas (posh, high class) range under Shiseido, that has a strong fan base of celebrities and rich taitais.

This cleanser is definitely value for money as one tube could easily last me 10 - 12 months. The experience is totally luxurious while using it. It is very rich in texture, and the lather created is very thick and strong, which makes cleansing much more effective. Even T-zone area becomes smoother after cleansing. Skin does not feel too dry after every usage. I think besides the texture being a bit too rich which makes application slightly difficult, the only other problem I found with this cleanser is the packaging, i have to cut it into half in order to get the cleanser foam at the tip of the tube which is pretty unhygienic and inconvenient.

Rating: 9/10

TOP No#. 1 - COSME DECORTE AQ Gentle Pure Washing Foam
Wow what can I say about this product?! Brilliant!!! My ultimate Holly Grail!!

It somehow has the best merit of SKII and CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE cleansers and although it's the most pricey one among all, I am still willing to continue with it, indeed I already stocked up one more bottle at home! The texture is light and watery, but surprisingly one gentle pump is enough to create super rich and foamy lathers that covers the whole face and neck. It cleanses pores thoroughly, and leaves my T-zone skin equally supple, smooth, glowy and radiant just like the skin around my cheek area. Finally my pores can "breathe"!!! For someone with rather fine skin texture and do not enjoy deep cleansing much, this is the best cleanser I could find for daily usage without much need of a clay mask or scrub. There's no tight after-feel at all even if I do not put on my toner and moisturizer right after cleansing.

Yes the only drawback is the price tag, and although 200ml sounds a lot, it does not last as long as CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE cleanser. So I think I will keep buying it as long as budget allows, and switch to CLE DE PEAU BEAUTE when I do not wish to burn a big hole on my pocket.

Rating: 10/10

Review: Luxurious hand creams

雙手是女人的第二張臉!! I used to spend about $5-10 bucks on any brand of hand cream from Watson's, depending on which brand is having promotion at that month, or which brand has more attractive packaging in my eyes.

Just in recent years, especially after having kids, I noticed that my hands get super dry throughout the day and putting hand cream on my office desk and in my bag becomes a must to me nowadays, and I started doing research and testing out different brands of hand creams to find my Holy Grail hand care product.

At last, I decided to stick to these 2, at least for the time being..

COSME DECORTE Hand Renew Treatment
I chanced upon some good reviews about this product and since I am quite a fan of COSME DECORTE, I bought this product and it being my very first expensive hand cream, didn't disappoint me at all!
It has a light and soothing fragrance, just like most of other products from this brand. I find the packaging simple and luxe. And 100g is really quite a big tube for a hand cream! I think it could last me for a year or so even though I do apply it a few times a day. The texture is more lotion to cream form, quite watery, very easy to spread and absorbs wonderfully into the skin. It's not sticky at all but give enough moisture and protection. The only reason I rated it slightly lower than JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream, is because it takes a little while to set into the skin so before that, there's a slight astringent feel which I do not really like.

Rating: 9/10
100ml / SGD$70+

JURLIQUE Rose Hand Cream
It's a bit yellowish in color, the texture is more like gel, or wax, pretty thick but easy enough to apply. The smell is just too strong for my liking but it subside after a while. It's a small tube of 40ml but amazingly lasting. Maybe it's highly concentrated and very rich, hence just need to squeeze out a little bit for both hands.

Both hand creams are extremely good and value for money although they come with hefty price tag. I would definitely re-purchase both, COSME DECORTE for office use as it's not so rich as JURLIQUE's, therefore suits my typing work more. As for JURLIQUE, it's definitely a must have fast remedy for dry hands, especially when being used overnight!

Rating: 9.5/10
40ml / Price unknown as it's a gift from colleague

Review: Cosme Decorte Moisture Liposome

I started off with COSME DECORTE, the most high end brand (aka. most pricey range under KOSE) back in 2005 when I first purchased this Moisture Liposome Essence, as it is their best selling star product. With higher price, of course I have higher expectations. And I must say it's a pretty good buy but I could find better substitute with lower cost for sure. And honestly I still do not understand why so many people including celebrities swear by this bottle!

The milky essence is of very lightweight texture, but it takes me a little bit of time and efforts to massage it over the face and neck, before it finally melts into the skin, leaving a slight sticky after-feel which is the something I really do not enjoy about this product. As for the result, well I couldn't really see much changes on my skin, maybe I do not have much skin problems that this essence targets at and all it does is to make my skin hydrated. I probably could achieve that with many other alternative products.

After using it day and night for many months (well I know for most ladies it doesn't last that long but somehow I am always slow with clearing my skin care stocks), I finished one full bottle and didn't feel like restocking on this product anymore. The reason is simple, I do not see any significant improvement on my skin although it promises many benefits such as long lasting nourishment, restoring damaged skin cells,enhancing the penetrative capability of products applied etc. And compared to SKII's Aqua Physics Serum, this essence is not as value for money in my humble opinion.

Rating: 6.5/10
40ml / SGD$157

Review: SKII Aqua Physics Serum

Bought this product a few years ago together with SKII Aqua Physics Gel. As a serum, this product has a slightly thicker texture compared to Cosme Decorte's star product Moisture Liposome Essence. But surprisingly it's easier to absorb and does not leave that sticky feeling on your skin. Just press 2 pumps and you could easily spread it over the whole face.

It does not give you any visible effect immediately after application, but you will feel the difference after staying in air-conditioned environment for a whole day. I have combination skin with dehydrated cheeks, without applying this (or other moisturizing serums), my cheek will have this dry, stretched and taut feeling if I only put on a normal moisturizer.

The design of the bottle is an ultimate failure. I am sure I have quite a bit of waste as it's harder to pump the serum out when it's almost finished. But when I open the cover on top, I could see residues inside sticking onto the bottle but I couldn't figure out a smarter way to dig them out =(

Overall I find it a great moisturizing serum but unfortunately, this range has been phased out in Singapore market for some time. I would definitely consider this over Moisture Liposome Essence, and I will add this to my shopping list for my future Taiwan/HongKong trip!

Rating: 7.5/10
40ml / SGD$99

My 10 years of SKII..

I remember vividly 10 years back, when I was having my school attachment and drawing a "pathetic" pay, or rather say allowance of 500SGD a month, I made a decision to visit one of the SKII counters near to the office building located at CBD area during my lunch hour. All I did was to test out their "miracle water" - Facial Treatment Essence on my left hand. I left the counter empty-handed because the trial experience left a small little red spot on my hand and made me believe I am allergic to their signature ingredient "Pitera".

But indeed there's another reason behind, well yes I was kind of scared away by their price tag, although it's not my first time getting expensive branded skin care products from departmental stores. Before this I was using a full range of whitening products from ELIZABETH ARDEN, which gave me amazing result (no one believes I actually had pretty yellowish and dull skin when i was much younger). You know it's a famous brand from Europe and it's not cheap at all, but still SKII sounds mysteriously "upmarket" and "classy" to me as it just entered Singapore market for not long.

Soon after that very first experience with SKII, I started spending most of my lunch break hours at their counter, figuring out what's the next item to try from their (back then) pretty limited range. There was no website being setup for Singapore market at that time and I had to visit their Taiwan website frequently for product information. Those attractive advertisement videos they published made me super addicted and decided to give this brand a second chance.

And now 10 years later, I have used almost their full range of products (if not all in full size, some are samples/free gifts from their lovely beauty advisers). I must say SKII is the most effective range of products I've ever experienced which makes my skin condition stable all year round.

Recently I just did a skin analysis at their counter. The last time I did it was really 10 years ago and the system has totally changed (to be more advanced of course). It gives you pretty in-depth information about your skin. And guess what, after being a loyal SKII fan of 10 years, my skin is in pretty good condition as I scored 5D (heard it's not often that people score 5D) and I am impressed with the result because it seems to be a true reflection of my skin condition, at least to my own knowledge considering I am so concerned about my skin and I believe I know my skin pretty well.

As expected, I need to start investing more on firming products as I scored lowest for that. And being in air-conditioned environment whole day makes my skin less moisture for sure so the texture refinement is not at ideal level yet. And below are the 5 Dimensions being tested for a crystal clear skin.

Texture Refinement - 78%
♥ Finer texture
♥ More moisture
♥ Less oiliness
♥ Less visible pores

Firmness Power - 75%
♥ More energized
♥ Firmer contour/curves
♥ More Lifting impression on eye & mouth corners
♥ Less visible nasolabial fold

Wrinkle Resilience - 93%
♥ Less fine lines
♥ Less dynamic lines with expression
♥ Less static lines/wrinkles
♥ Less connected lines

Spots Control - 83%
♥ Less brown spots
♥ Lighter brown patches
♥ Better tone evenness
♥ Reverse stubborn spots

Radiance Enhancement - 99%
♥ More translucency
♥ More radiance
♥ More glow from within
♥ Less yellowish & dullness

Do note that testing done at different area of your face will make slight difference. I've had my test done on my right cheek this time and I am sure I will be going back for the analysis again in 3-6 months time!

Pure Perfection - Cle de Peau Beaute (CPB)

Apr 2, 2012
This is a prestigious brand of cosmetics under Shiseido. Strangely, Japanese brands like to use French names for their high-end range of products and Cle de Peau Beaute is no exception, meaning “Key to beautiful skin” in French.

No subjective reviews and fancy phrases this time, all I want to do is just to introduce this brand to those who really loves skincare products like me.

My father ever told me this: “For women, if you have 5 dollars left in your pocket, make sure you spend that on a facial cream or something that makes you look younger.”
Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? But I am sure I belong to that class of women. At least for me, my first priority has always been skincare products above apparels, bags and jewellery..

Many of my friends know that I have highly recommended JUJU cosmetics products before. For those who know me well, just like Winson, they know I will never stick to such a brand for long. Basically I do not shop for skincare products at pharmacies or stores like Sasa or Waston’s. For me to bump into JUJU is already a super rare and almost impossible case. I am open to all kinds of products, but mostly for testing purposes only.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to compare the brands here. But for less than S$100 to get a full range of basic skincare products from JUJU, the effects is really justifiable, but you can’t expect it to do miracles on your face. But for CPB, I assure you that we are talking about a totally different experience. It is not something that can show you immediate improvement on your skin overnight, but it promises a clean skin flowing with moisture that glows from within over time.

Here are the very basic and essential products that I am using now.
Cleanser: refreshing cleansing foam
Lotion: refreshing balancing lotion
Day moisturizer: refreshing protective emulsion
Night moisturizer: refreshing nourishing emulsion
Eye cream: intensive wrinkle correcting cream

Winson is still a loyal supporter of SK-II and he is not too interested in CPB. But he said if I know this is something for me, and will continue using for a long time, then just buy it. Although it is very expensive, it is still better than keep buying different brands, keeping them till expiry and ending up wasting a lot.

I know that CPB is being priced much cheaper in HongKong, Taiwan, China and Japan. I have colleagues all over these places who can easily get me a whole set at a discounted price of at least 15%. But, I will not be able to enjoy the fun of testing and picking the products I like, and carrying the bags of skincare products on the way home on the MRT train. That’s women!!

I am not fascinated by sales on cosmetics (we seldom have that anyway), though I wouldn’t mind buying items like dresses, shoes, accessories, or even eyeliners from internet, but for skincare, there’s no way that I'll settle for it. I must go through the process of researching (yes I do a lot of homework before buying), testing, comparing, then finally making payment. Winson bought this book named “Call of the Mall” and there is one part in this book I found very interesting. It says, “Women will shop for cosmetics just about anywhere. They will save money on stiletto heels, but cut-rate cosmetics feels like you are putting something ratty on your face…”. Wow that’s just so true. I think if one day Gripz were to give a 30% discount, I will buy at least 5 pairs of shoes at one go. But if CPB were to do the same, I might be found hiding at a dark corner, wondering, "why why why…"

Hmm, how I wish my sister, Kelly, could one day read this and agree with me on my fantasy over skincare products, and shop for cosmetics together, that would be fun!!!